How to save some money during the cold season

How to save some money during the cold season

One of the ways to save on heating this winter

Green Rose would like to remind you that when the temperatures indoors start to fall, you do not necessarily have to resort to expensive means of heating, suffer the cold, or rush to put on lots of bulky layers. 

Try wearing thin but warm 100% merino wool clothes and they will keep you warm at home, at work, or outdoors. This way you will not need the temperature indoors to be particularly high to feel comfortable. 

In order to benefit most from the thermal regulation qualities of merino wool, we recommend wearing it as a base layer next to the skin. Depending on the temperature of the environment, merino wool will either keep your body warm or prevent overheating. 

What kind of merino wool clothes are recommended indoors?

For both men and women, we recommend merino wool shirts and thermal trousers (leggings).

These are also great for the elderly since they keep you warm and as a result, can help to reduce joint pains.

For those working in more sedentary jobs where your body doesn’t stay warm through movement, thermal merino wool clothes will grant some additional warmth. These clothes are relatively thin and do not restrict movement and can be comfortably worn under usual work clothes. 

We also recommend merino wool shirts, leggings, and turtle-neck shirts to children for school or nursery. Merino wool keeps the body warm, but if they are being active, merino wool retains its warmth even when damp with sweat. It absorbs sweat and wicks it away as well as prevents the body from overheating. 

For babies, we recommend bodysuits that can be worn right next to the skin. For baby sleep, you might want to consider baby sleeping bags, sleepsuits, and blankets

We also offer merino wool pajamas for both adults and kids. These will help you to feel warm, cosy, and comfortable while you sleep. You might even want to leave the window open during the night and breathe the fresh air since your body will be less likely to be bothered by the cooler temperatures.

You can wear merino wool clothes every day, whether you are indoors or outdoors, spending time at home or sleeping. When you wear merino wool, a temperature that’s 2-5 degrees lower than what you are used to will not bother you.