Premature baby clothes

Premature baby clothes

GREEN ROSE offers special merino wool clothes for the smallest babies. Premature babies require special care and feeding. Your task is to make sure your baby feels as comfortable as possible.

Preemie baby clothes

Our premature baby clothing is made of super soft and warm merino wool fabric. It is the best choice for a preemie baby. It will help to regulate the infants body temperature while keeping warm. Plus, all our preemie clothes has seams on the outside. That way the clothes won't irritate the sensitive baby skin.

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Preemie baby hats


Ex Tax: €5.60

GREEN ROSE can proudly offer hats for the smallets premature babies from natural merino wool. Choosing organic materials for your baby clothing is the best decision.Preemie hats for hospitalsPreemie b..


Preemie footed pants


Ex Tax: €13.00

Every parent tries to give as much love and care for his baby, as it is possible. And if the baby is premature, he tries to give even more attention and love. GREEN ROSE has created special early ba..


Preemie onesies


Ex Tax: €16.00

We know how important is to take care of premature babies. That is why, we have created preemie baby clothes that are organic and suitable for our smallest babies. GREEN ROSE preemie bodysuits are v..


Preemie romper


Ex Tax: €23.00

GREEN ROSE has a range of preemie baby clothes. We can offer you our preemie romper, which is made of pure merino wool. Our small size organic preemie clothes are perfect for your baby's sensitive s..


Preemie vest


Ex Tax: €18.50

Soft, gentle and warm preemie vest from merino wool is one of the most comfortable and necessary garments for a premature baby's wardrobe. Premature baby vestsInfant vest is made from two layers..

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