About us


GREEN ROSE is a Lithuanian brand that has been active since 2012. Since then, our products have been made in Lithuania and have kept many families warm both here and abroad.

Here are 7 facts about GREEN ROSE that you might not be aware of:

1. The GREEN ROSE business started with reusable nappies 

GREEN ROSE is a family business that has been born with our second child – our son Vakaris. Vakaris grew up wearing reusable nappies that were not only bought but also made by his mum. Later she also made some reusable nappies for friends’ children and it turned into an idea to make reusable nappies and sell them both in Lithuania and abroad. 

The first time GREEN ROSE items (reusable nappies, terries, blankets, baby footmuffs) appeared publicly was during an event for expectant mums. This was the first encouragement for this business since we received lots of warm and positive feedback which spurred us on to develop this idea further.

At that time reusable nappies were pretty new in Lithuania. Many mums were not aware that using them was an option and could not understand why you might want to use them when you have the convenience of disposable nappies. Thus, the market for reusable nappies was pretty small and we wanted to expand our range of products to include baby clothes made from natural fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, and merino wool.

At that time Vakaris’ mum and GREEN ROSE founder Aistė Vyšniauskaitė – Stanevičienė was writing articles, sharing her experience, and organising free seminars to expectant parents about reusable nappies.

Aiste says, ‘At the moment GREEN ROSE no longer produces reusable nappies. We only have a few of them left that are leftovers from the earlier stage of our business. We’ve been often asked why we no longer make reusable nappies. The truth is, as in all business, the market showed where the demand was the greatest and that’s what we chose to focus on. Or in other words, merino wool clothes pushed the reusable nappies to the side and we had no more time and resources left to focus on them. Every product requires you to invest into researching, perfecting, and innovating on the product. Vakaris quickly grew out of the nappies and was potty trained pretty quickly and thus we had no one to test new nappies on. So that’s when we stopped and nowadays you can find lots of great and even more comfortable reusable nappies.’

Reusable nappies are my weakness. In my opinion cloth nappies should be a part of every child’s baby years. I definitely respect every parent’s choice to use what’s the most comfortable and works best for their family, but modern cloth nappies are not only comfortable, but colourful and beautiful. You don’t need to bin them after every use and thus they become precious, like any other baby clothes’, says Vakaris’s mum and promises, ‘in my heart, I’m still planning to go back to making reusable nappies again. I would like to make a contribution towards sharing the benefits of reusable nappies not only for the child, but also for the planet.’

2. GREEN ROSE products – baby clothes made from natural fabrics

After a year, reusable nappies were joined by other products – baby sleepsuits, rompers, bodysuits, jackets, and hats from bamboo, hemp, and merino wool.

The hardest part was finding high-quality certified fabrics not made in China. After lots of searching and investing time and money, we found a few merino wool fabrics in Europe that we partner with up to this day. 

The first production of GREEN ROSE

The market showed that hemp clothes were not very popular. One of our customers said, ‘I love clothes made from natural fibres, but hemp clothes are a bit too natural even for me.’ Thus hemp clothes did not stay among GREEN ROSE products for long and later items made from bamboo fabric were also pushed to the side. 

3. GREEN ROSE merino wool clothes for the whole family

After a few years, once we had developed our merino wool items for babies and older children, we expanded our assortment of clothes to include thermal merino wool clothes for adults.

Thus, GREEN ROSE now offers merino wool clothes for the whole family – from the youngest to the oldest. We offer merino wool clothes for premature babies, babies, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. 

4. The history and meaning of our name 

Green Rose is a unique and rare flower. It’s a symbol of the power of life, energy, spiritual renewal, health, joy, and prosperity.

A rose is considered to be the most noble of flowers. It’s a symbol of divineness, perfect beauty, and passionate love. Our family also has a long history with roses and it’s one of our favourite flowers. Thus, we wanted to give our business a name that would reflect this deep symbolism in our lives. 

The green rose is meant to symbolise that our company makes products that are as natural and close to nature as is possible nowadays. 

5. GREEN ROSE products are marked with MADE IN LITHUANIA symbol

All GREEN ROSE products are made in Vilnius, Lithuania and every piece of clothing is marked with the ‘Made in Lithuania, Heart of the Baltics’ logo

6. GREEN ROSE merino wool clothes are popular abroad

We accept orders from all countries and ship them to any place in the world. The US, Canada, Germany, UK, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden – these are all countries where we ship our products pretty much every week. Slightly less frequent destinations are Australia, New Zealand, China, Mexico. Occasionally we also ship items to more exotic countries where we would have never considered that people might be interested in merino wool, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, and Egypt. 

In addition to our website https://green-rose.eu/  , you can also buy GREEN ROSE items on:

https://green-rose.lt/ (in Lithuanian)

Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/GreenRoseClothes


7. The GREEN ROSE brand store and the manufacturing facility are based in Vilnius 

Our store in Vilnius and our manufacturing location are in the same place. That’s the location from which our items travel to the rest of the world.

We hope that you found this article interesting, and it helped you to get to know us better. Do you have any questions about GREEN ROSE? Let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.

With Love,