Clothes for preemie

Clothes for preemie

Premature babies and infants require the most care and attention. That's way GREEN ROSE offers special collection of clothes for the smallest babies.


Preemie clothes

All premaure clothing are made from two very special materials - merino wool and silk. Merino wool will provide and will maintain infant's optimal body temperature. While silk will feel super soft and comfortable on already sensitive babie's skin. Moreover, all seams on our clothing for premature are on the outside. That way they won't scratch the newborns.

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Premature baby hat


Ex Tax: €7.00

Babies born premature require the most care and love. That's way we, GREEN ROSE, made a special line for the smallest micro babies from organic and natural fabric of merino wool with silk.Preemie bean..


Premature onesie


Ex Tax: €17.50

GREEN ROSE presents a special clothing line for the smallest babies - premature baby clothes made from certified and organic materials - merino wool with silk blend.Premature bodyAs preemie babies are..


Premature pants with feet


Ex Tax: €15.00

Warm trousers with feet for the smallest babies. Baby pants for premature is a best choice for your newborn. Infant trousersUnderstanding that preterm babies are delicate and sensitive, GREEN RO..


Premature romper


Ex Tax: €24.50

Merino wool and silk blend is one of the softest combination of fabrics. That's way GREEN ROSE made a special collection of clothes for pretern babies using merino with silk.Preemie suitScientists hav..


Premature vest


Ex Tax: €19.50

Warm and very soft. Vest for premature babies is a must have item in preemie baby's wardrobe.Preemie shirtsAs pretern babies are born to early it is difficult for them to properly regulate their body ..

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