Baby bodysuits

Baby bodysuits

GREEN ROSE offers must-have newborn bodysuits that are made handmade in Lithuania from 100% natural merino wool.

Long sleeve bodysuit baby

Merino wool body suits are very comfortable, warm and lovely garment for a newborn baby. The clothes are perfect for sensitive newborn's skin and they are even recommended for children with skin problems or allergies. Moreover, these baby garments will keep your little ones very warm and cozy because merino wool has thermal properties. It keeps the body's optimal temperature. Choose merino wool for the most warmth and comforth!

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High neck bodysuit


Ex Tax: €20.00

GREEN ROSE warmer baby bodysuit is made of 100% merino wool. Our newborn bodysuits have long sleeves and high neck. They are very warm, soft and pleasant to wear next to your baby's body. Toddl..


Kimono bodysuit


Ex Tax: €21.50

GREEN ROSE newborn bodysuits are made of the highest quality 100% merino wool which is perfect for your newborn because of many good qualities that only merino wool has.Newborn onesie✔ It is hi..


Long sleeve onesie


Ex Tax: €19.00

GREEN ROSE can offer you our baby long sleeve bodysuit that are made of merino wool. They are perfect because of the following qualities that only merino wool has.Bodysuit with sleeves✔ Our mer..


Sleeveless onesie


Ex Tax: €18.00

GREEN ROSE bodysuit t-shirt is a great option for toddlers, who wear simple undershirts. Baby clothes often rise up leaving your baby's front and back unprotected from cold. So, bodysuit without sle..

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