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GREEN ROSE baby hats made of merino wool are created for newborn babies or for the bigger ones. They are warm and comfortable to wear because these hats are together with neck wa..

Balaclavas For Kids from knitted merino wool hover image

Balaclavas For Kids from knitted merino wool


For many years merino wool balaclavas have been one of the most popular Green Rose items. Now that we are able to introduce some items from thicker knitted merino wool, we knew we ..

Beanie with strings hover image

Beanie with strings


GREEN ROSE presents – beanie with strings for babies and toddlers. The tie-up hat is made from two layers of natural and organic merino wool fabric. So this toddler hat is perfec..

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Dribble bibs


GREEN ROSE offers you a multifunctional thing for your children - it is our baby dribble bibs. These baby scarf bibs are made of natural merino wool and are used to wear everywhe..

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Knot hat


Our kid's hats are created and suitable for spring, autumn, and cooler summer. GREEN ROSE baby elf hats are made of 100% merino wool fiber which is not sheer but warm at the same ..

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Newborn booties


Lightweight, soft, and, most importantly, warm booties for baby's from 100% certified merino wool fabric.Baby bootiesFor newborns, it is very difficult to properly regulate their b..

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Newborn hats


GREEN ROSE is proud to offer merino wool newborn hats. It is very important to make sure your baby feels comfortable from birth. And choosing organic materials for your baby's cl..

Scratch mittens

Scratch mittens


When you are looking for a newborn to come, you try to find and have the best and most natural clothes for him to wear. One of the most important things for a newborn baby is his..

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Turtleneck scarf


This is a longer version of a neck gaiter or loop scarf that is warm, cozy, and very pleasant. It is very comfortable and feels nice next to the neck. Every child will like these!W..

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