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The best choice to wear a face mask during a pandemic is a merino wool face mask.

Washable Face mask

Benefits of wool face masks:

  • Washable and Reusable. Merino wool masks can be washed and reused many times.
  • Super soft on the skin. You will feel how gentle on the skin it is. No itch. Merino wool face mask compared to a synthetic one is the best what you can choose.
  • Breathable. You will feel how easy it is to breathe with them. 
  • Warm. Merino mask will warm you in cold weather.

According to the recent researches, when choosing cloth masks, it is important to wear the ones with at least three layers. As we want to ensure the maximum possible protection, keep the masks soft and provide a possibility to breathe easily at the same time, we offer masks with three layers:

  • ✔ Outside layer: 100% merino wool;
  • ✔ Middle layer: an extra layer of 100% merino wool for maximum protection;
  • ✔ The inner layer, closest to the face: merino and silk blend (75% merino and 25% silk).

You can choose from three sizes:

  • ✔For kids;
  • ✔Normal (standard);
  • ✔Big size. Good for men. 

Face mask women composition and maintenance:

100% certified merino wool.

Recommended washing with ecological washing-powder at 40 degrees in a washing machine.

No machine drying is recommended.

Ironing is recommended with wool drying mode.

How to wear a cloth face mask

Correctly putting on and taking off cloth masks improves protection. Taking a mask off is a high-risk process because germs may be present on the outer surface of the mask and may result in self-contamination during removal. Wear a mask correctly and consistently for the best protection.

  • ✔ Make sure that you wear a clean mask;
  • ✔ Wash or sanitize your hands before and after putting on and taking off your mask;
  • ✔ Place your mask over your mouth and nose;
  • ✔ Make sure your mask covers mouth and nose. If the face mask covers only mouth and not nose as well, the protection is not sufficient;
  • ✔ Make sure you can breathe easily;
  • ✔ Don't touch your mask while wearing it;
  • ✔ If you accidentally touch your mask, wash or sanitize your hands;
  • ✔ If your mask becomes wet or dirty, switch to a clean one. Put the used mask in a sealable bag until you can wash it;
  • ✔ Wash your hands immediately after removing your mask. 

What NOT to do

  • ✔ Don’t put the mask around your neck or up on your forehead;
  • ✔ Don’t touch the mask, and, if you do, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to disinfect;
  • ✔ Do not touch the mask when wearing it;
  • ✔ Do not share your mask with others.

Of course, you will not be protected by just wearing a mask. It has to be combined with other precautions, such as hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing etiquette, disposable gloves etc. Keep in mind: the wrong usage of masks significantly reduces the level of protection!

Washing the mask:

  • ✔ Wash your mask at least once per day;
  • ✔ Use hot water for hand washing your cloth mask;
  • ✔ Make sure that the mask is completely dry before you wear it again;
  • ✔ If the sun is shining, leave the mask in the sun to ensure dryness;
  • ✔ Wash your hands after handling or touching a used mask. 

What do we need to know about all masks? 

  • ✔ The mask helps prevent a person who is sick from spreading the virus to others. 
  • ✔ Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to help protect others.
  • ✔ Dispose of the non-reusable masks after one time of using
  • ✔ People should NOT wear masks when exercising, as masks may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably. Sweat can make the mask become wet more quickly which makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microorganisms. The important preventive measure during exercise is to maintain a physical distance of at least one meter from others.

Who Shouldn‘t Wear a Mask:

  • ✔ Children younger than 2 years old;
  • ✔ Anyone who has trouble breathing;
  • ✔ Anyone who is unconscious or unable to remove the mask without assistance.

Although masks are very important for stopping the virus, make sure that you are protecting yourself in other ways as well. Continue to practice everyday preventive actions: avoid close contact as much as possible, clean hands often; avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; and frequently clean and disinfect surfaces. Source

Hopefully, this article would help you decide which kind of mask to choose for yourself and your family. Keep in mind the rules for safe wearing and stay safe!

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