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Every parent tries to give as much love and care to his baby, as it is possible. And if the baby is premature, he tries to give even more attention and love. GREEN ROSE has created special early baby clothes that are made of natural merino wool - preterm baby-footed trousers.


Infant pants

Our preemie-footed baby pants are created for the smallest children with a lot of love. Premature clothes are made of organic merino wool because of the qualities that are suitable for preemie babies:

  • ✔ They are very soft and sheer;
  • ✔ They have a natural ability to breathe, which is very important for tiny babies;
  • ✔ They have an ability to regulate body temperature;
  • ✔ Organic baby pants absorb moisture perfectly;
  • ✔ Merino wool fiber reduces human body odor and it is enough to ventilate our baby pants and no need to wash them very often.

Premature babies' clothes composition and maintenance:

100% certified merino wool.

Recommended washing with ecological washing powder at 40 degrees in a washing machine.

No machine drying is recommended.

Ironing is recommended with wool drying mode.

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