Merino wool

Merino wool

We craft soft and beautiful merino wool clothes for people who live or love being and playing outdoors. Our clothing is made from high quality merino wool and is comfortable to wear.

Merino wool underwear

GREEN ROSE has a wide range of merino wool clothes, like thermal underwear, thermal clothing for babies, toddlers, kids, adults and feeding mothers. We are proud to offer you this merino clothing because it has many good and useful qualities for people:


✔ Merino wool clothing is excellent at regulating body temperature;

✔ It provides warmth without overheating the wearer;

✔ Merino clothing draws moisture away, letting the wearer feel warm and comfortable;

✔ Merino wool has antibacterial features and is recommended for allergic people and newborn babies;

✔ This clothing does not have the sweat odor even after wearing them several days in a row;

✔ You can feel pleasant warmth while wearing merino thermal clothes because it reduces some pain and loosen up muscles and joints. It is highly recommended for people with rheumatism and joint problems;

It is easy to take care and no need to wash it very often.

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Ex Tax: €12.00

GREEN ROSE happily presents you mittens for toddlers and kids. Mitten gloves are made from two layers of warm, soft and gentle merino wool fabric. So all parents can be sure that their little ones h..


Newborn booties


Ex Tax: €11.00

Lightweight, soft and, most importantly, warm booties for baby's from 100% certified merino wool fabric.Baby bootiesFor newborns it is very difficult to properly regulate their body temperature. And t..


Newborn hats


Ex Tax: €7.00

GREEN ROSE is proud to offer merino wool newborn hats. It is very important to make sure your baby feels comfortable from the birth. And choosing organic materials for your baby clothing is the best..


Newborn kimono shirt


Ex Tax: €17.00

GREEN ROSE offers you baby kimono shirts that are made of merino wool. This toddler shirt is a perfect first piece of clothing in cold winter season. Baby kimono topWhat is the most important t..


Newborn trousers


Ex Tax: €15.00

GREEN ROSE baby pants are made of merino wool which is perfect for baby clothes. Our boys' pants or baby girl's pants are suitable to wear beneath warmer pants or simply as soft, warm and comfortabl..


Nightdress for girls


Ex Tax: €28.00

The best gift for your child you can give is warmth! Give your child GREEN ROSE girl's nightgowns and you will give her the warmest gift in winter time. It does not matter that your house is very wa..


Nursing nightdress


Ex Tax: €45.00

This cozy, warm and excellent breast feeding nighties from GREEN ROSE is created to make you feel charming and perfectly. Merino wool nursing nightgown is perfect for warm, comfortable sleeping..


Nursing pyjama set


Ex Tax: €70.00

GREEN ROSE can proudly offer the best nightwear for breastfeeding mothers – nursing pyjama set from 100% natural merino wool.  Our breastfeeding pyjamas consists from two merino wool clothing i..


Off the shoulder top


Ex Tax: €40.00

GREEN ROSE offers you women's tops that are made of 100% merino wool. Our cute tops are soft and lovely. GREEN ROSE blouses for women are suitable for spring or cool winter days. Our lady tops are m..


One piece pajamas


Ex Tax: €25.00

Great news for those kids who like to sleep warm, cozy and comfortable. 1 piece pyjamaPresenting - onesie pajamas from merino wool. With these pajamas for boys and girls your children will always sl..


Polo neck


Ex Tax: €19.00

GREEN ROSE high neck long sleeves shirt is made of natural merino wool. Our high collar kids shirts are sheer but warm, soft and comfortable. GREEN ROSE kids wear is very practical and in cold seaso..


Preemie baby hats


Ex Tax: €5.60

GREEN ROSE can proudly offer hats for the smallets premature babies from natural merino wool. Choosing organic materials for your baby clothing is the best decision.Preemie hats for hospitalsPreemie b..


Preemie footed pants


Ex Tax: €13.00

Every parent tries to give as much love and care for his baby, as it is possible. And if the baby is premature, he tries to give even more attention and love. GREEN ROSE has created special early ba..


Preemie onesies


Ex Tax: €16.00

We know how important is to take care of premature babies. That is why, we have created preemie baby clothes that are organic and suitable for our smallest babies. GREEN ROSE preemie bodysuits are v..


Preemie romper


Ex Tax: €23.00

GREEN ROSE has a range of preemie baby clothes. We can offer you our preemie romper, which is made of pure merino wool. Our small size organic preemie clothes are perfect for your baby's sensitive s..


Preemie vest


Ex Tax: €18.50

Soft, gentle and warm preemie vest from merino wool is one of the most comfortable and necessary garments for a premature baby's wardrobe. Premature baby vestsInfant vest is made from two layers..

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