Knitted loop scarf for children

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A merino wool loop scarf is the most pleasant, warmest, and cosiest accessory your child could have. 

This scarf is made from knitted merino wool and provides your child with the warmth of a thick woollen sweater. Except, unlike a sweater, it is relatively thin and does not feel bulky around the neck and shoulders. 

This knitted merino wool infinity scarf fits nicely around the neck and does not leave any gaps for the wind and the cold to sneak through. 

Merino wool Knitted infinity scarf for children

A merino wool circle scarf provides your child with exceptional warmth without overwhelming them with thick layers. Pleasant warmth is not the only great quality of luxurious merino wool. It also absorbs moisture and wicks it away, helping your child to stay dry and comfortable all day.

We offer two choices of colours. White (natural) wool and dark blue (sea) colour.

Knit tube scarf for children

Try out our GREEN ROSE merino wool loop scarfs and you’ll soon see that it’s a must-have when your child is playing outside, whether that is going on long hikes or just collecting autumn leaves or building snow-men. It will also become handy if your child gets sick and you want to keep their neck warm.

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