How to dress kids in winter?

How to dress kids in winter?

 December officially comes winter! And when the temperature drops below 0, and the weather gets cold, every mother experiences the same problem - how to properly dress up children so that they won't get too cold or too overheated? The answer is simple - LAYERING!

Introducing - Kate, a mother of 3-year-old Andrew and 1-year-old Amelia. They live in the cold climate of Canada, where winters get extremely cold. With many years of experience Kate understood the importance of layering kids' clothes and what are the best fabrics for it. Today she decided to share that knowledge with us!

The great outdoors of Canada

'As a mom of two living in Canada, I get to experience at least five months of winter every year with temperatures dropping to -25C sometimes, which feels like -35C with a windchill. On those days we prefer to stay home and enjoy inside activities. But as soon it warms up a little we venture outside.

Dressing kids appropriately is crucial as we love exploring nearby parks, making trails in untouched snow, discovering paw prints, and trying to guess which animals left them. I must say we got plenty of wildlife right at our doorsteps, although we live 15 minutes drive from downtown. We’ve seen bunnies, foxes, beavers, groundhogs, and even coyotes over here. I’m not even talking about swans, ducks, Canada geese, and squirrels, they are everywhere. Kids have great fun outdoors and I want to make sure their clothes match everything they might be up to.'

Layering for warmer winter

'Up until January, the weather is pretty mild over here. We barely have any snow usually. This year was an exemption though. We got hit with 15cm of snow at the beginning of November and it actually didn’t melt for about a week, so kids had time to roll in it.

For warmer weather, +10C to -5C, I prefer:

✔ a tank top underneath as a first layer,

✔ a light sweater on top. I also have a couple of those turtleneck collars which I prefer over scarves for windy days. Those can go over any sweater to keep my little ones warm and cozy,

✔ a light puffed jacket with down or synthetic fill. There are many of them on the market that are reversible/double-sided for double the fun (or hiding mud-related accidents),

✔ and of course, a warm hat, waterproof boots, and gloves. We all know kids love to play around. That's the good way keeping hands and feet warm and dry is key to getting a nasty cold!

Layering for cold weather - base layer merino wool

'Colder days are all about layering. Merino wool garments are perfect for this task. They help to regulate body temperature. Merino fabric traps air between its fibers, helping to insulate and keep you warm. If you get warmer, it transports moisture quickly away from the skin, keeping the ideal temperature.

Merino wool fibers are also super fine and soft, so they will never be itchy like regular wool, which is very important for kids. I learned that the hard way.

So, on those frosty walks:

✔ a base layer of merino clothes always goes first. You can choose from a sleeveless undershirt or simple t-shirt,

✔ followed by snow pants, or a warm sweater. For mid-layer, the best are from a fleece material,

✔ and on top a thick down jacket, or a snowsuit. Slick outer material works best as it prevents snow from sticking and accumulating on my little one’s legs and arms, keeping their movement free and easy,

✔ also, don’t forget the warm woolen hats, gloves, and cozy snow boots! Again, trying to keep the hands and feet as warm and dry as possible.

That’s it! You are ready for snow angels, snowball fights, funny snowman making, and whatever winter activities you might enjoy.'

With great tips from Kate, GREEN ROSE created a little infographic, on how layering of kid's clothes should be during winter!

Now, with this knowledge, go outside and have your winter fun!

And also a huge thank you to Kate for sharing her experience.