Do babies need hats in summer?

Do babies need hats in summer?

Many mums wonder, do babies need a hat during summer? Maybe they don’t really need it if it feels very warm? But if it gets windy and the baby has no hat, will the baby get a cold or an ear infection?

We’d like to briefly address these questions and concerns and share some experiences from a mum of twins about baby hats for summer. 

Do babies need a hat during summer?

During the first 6 months of their life, newborns are not great at regulating their body temperature. As such, it is recommended that babies wear a hat during all seasons. However, during summer it’s particularly important to pay attention to what the hat is made of. Is it made from natural fabric? Does the fabric have thermal regulation qualities?

Diana, a mum of twins, shares her experience:

When I was pregnant, I was really happy that I was due to give birth in the summer (in June). My first thought was that I don’t have to worry about all the snowsuits, gloves, and hats. I was glad that my babies could spend lots of time in the fresh air outside with not too many clothes. 

When my twins were born there was a great heatwave. When I was in the hospital, I found out that babies can’t effectively regulate their body temperature. Even if it’s hot, they need hats and long-sleeved clothes that ideally are made from a natural and breathable fabric. 

I brought some hats to the hospital that I’d bought earlier on, but I noticed that their heads were getting quite sweaty and I started looking for alternatives.

There are many shops that offer a huge range of baby clothes and it wasn’t easy to find something made from a fabric that would work best for my twins. I wanted to get something made from a light fabric so that their heads wouldn’t get sweaty, but at the same time, I wanted something that would protect their heads from the wind. 

Merino wool hats for newborns

I did lots of research and asked many other mums about this and merino wool seemed like the best option. Apparently, it helps to regulate body temperature. This was a great find since the weather tends to be quite changeable, warm one moment and cold the next. 

Right from our first walks outside my little ones wore their merino wool hats and were quite happy with them. The fabric is breathable, helps to maintain optimal body temperature, and does not irritate sensitive baby skin. It was a great joy for me to know that they are feeling comfortable, their heads are protected from the wind, and no longer sweaty. The little hat ties do not irritate their necks and the hats stay in place and protect their ears.

We found merino wool really useful after bathing our little ones. Even after drying their heads and ears, they would still be a bit damp after a bath and thus we used merino wool hats for sleeping too and they never disappointed us. 

I’m sure that in the future I will try more and more merino wool clothes. It’s very versatile and suitable for both summer and winter. This means that I don’t need to get double the amount of clothes for summer and winter. I also liked that the colours didn’t fade after washing and the fabric didn’t bobble and I will be able to pass them on to my friends’ babies once my little ones grow out of them. Merino wool clothes are a great investment and my top find this summer.

GREEN ROSE merino wool hats for babies

Thanks to Diana for sharing her experience with baby hats for summer. We are glad that the hats served her twins well and even during an extreme heatwave helped to regulate their head temperature and keep them from overheating or getting sweaty.

GREEN ROSE offers a few different types of merino wool hats.

  • 100% merino wool hats. These hats are pleasant, comfortable, and help to maintain optimal body temperature (thermoregulating).
  • Merino wool with silk. These hats are thinner and lighter than 100% merino wool hats. The hats with silk are extremely soft and pleasant for sensitive baby skin. These hats are perfect for the summer season.

We offer hats made with a single or double layer of fabric. For summer, we recommend single-layer hats, while double-layer hats are ideal for autumn and winter.

If you don’t like baby hats that tie under their chin, we also offer merino wool baby hats without ties

If you’ve tried merino wool hats for summer, share your experiences in the comments below! If you have any experiences and useful tips for hats in summer, we eagerly await your comments.