Turtleneck vest for women

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100% merino wool. Certificate OEKO-tex 100. Merino wool Mulesing free.

Material weight: 410 gsm

Machine wash on a gentle, wool cycle—up to 40 degrees.

No machine drying is recommended.

Use liquid organic detergent for merino wool.

Ironing is recommended with wool mode.

Exceptional style and warmth can be yours with this 100% merino wool turtleneck vest for women.

Female high-neck vest

A sleeveless turtleneck top for women is an irreplaceable piece of clothing that is both fashionable and keeps you warm during the cold time of year. A Green Rose turtleneck vest is made from 100% merino wool of the highest quality and is sure to become an essential part of your comfort and style.


  • Female high-neck vests are made from the highest quality merino wool. This means the clothes are exceptionally warm and feel pleasant against the skin.
  • The design of this sleeveless turtleneck top is modern and functional which gives you incredible freedom of movement and enables you to experiment with various stylistic clothing combinations. It can be worn on top of long-sleeved shirts of various colours, long-sleeved dresses or just right next to the skin. The multifunctional design enables you to express your own unique style and adapt to any situation.
  • Green Rose merino wool high-neck vests are made in Lithuania with the greatest love and care.  

High neck ribbed sleeveless top from merino wool

Try out our female sleeveless turtleneck tops and you’ll be sure to feel pleasantly warm and cosy not only in winter but in summer too!

We offer a choice of two colourswhite (natural wool colour) and dark blue (sea blue).

Please note that your monitor colour settings might influence how you see the colours on your screen.

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