Sous Short Thermique Enfant

  • Fabricant : Green Rose
  • Référence : 4770809293281
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Guide des tailles de Sous Short Thermique Enfant:


Recommandation : nos tailles sont des tailles standard. Nous vous recommandons de choisir votre taille habituelle, sauf si vous constatez que les mesures du tableau ne vous correspondent pas.

Notre laine mérinos biologique est certifiée Standard 100 par OEKO-TEX®. Merino wool Mulesing free.

Poids du matériau: 175 g/m²


Lavage en machine recommandé sur cycle laine ou cycle délicat à 40°C max.

Ne pas sécher à la machine.

Repasser à basse température.

100% merino wool children’s underwear shorts will provide your children with additional warmth for everyday activities whether that would be playing outdoors, exercising, going to school, or nursery.

Warm base layer shorts for children

Thermal merino wool shorts help to maintain optimal temperature of the lower body. They are breathable, provide warmth, absorb and wick away moisture, and the fabric always feels warm and pleasant.

These shorts will come in handy in various situations, such as:

- For girls, these will work great for wearing under tunics or other kinds of dresses. They will provide additional warmth and the girls will feel free to move and play unrestricted without needing to worry about the dress lifting up too high. 

- Warm shorts will be great for nursery or school. This piece of clothing is relatively thin (but warm) and does not cover the whole length of the legs and thus would be great for wearing under trousers. Children will feel warm without being restricted by thick clothing. 

Thermal kids sport clothing

These shorts could be great as thermal sports clothing for children, especially when exercising outdoors during the cold time of the year, such as when playing football. This organic wool underwear is light and comfortable for sports and running but will keep them warm.

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