Short thermique homme en laine mérinos

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NEW! Merino wool base layer shorts for men that enjoy movement and an active energetic lifestyle!

Men’s merino base layer shorts

These 100% merino shorts for men will be useful in many situations:

✔ Outdoor sports during colder weather (running, cycling, hiking, etc);

✔ Camping;

✔ As a base layer under trousers in winter when going to work or just going for a walk;

✔ Everyday wear at home or outdoors;

✔ Any time when you need a bit of extra warmth.

These merino wool shorts are comfortable, light, and thin but still warm and help to maintain optimal body temperature. They are made from 100% merino wool and are breathable and absorb moisture. The shorts are stretchy and adapt well to the body. They do not absorb odors and are durable. 

These shorts will feel like second skin whether you are exercising or just wearing them for usual daily activities. 

If you need full warmth protection for the lower body, check our long merino wool thermal base layer leggings. 

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