Goal for 2021 of Green Rose is fully sustainable business

Goal for 2021 of Green Rose is fully sustainable business

Are the ideas of sustainability in a business important for you? Are you choosing the companies that try to be as much environmentally friendly as possible?  

The concept of sustainability is widely popular in nowadays world. In some countries it is even a necessity, not a choice. Here in Green Rose we would like to be a part of this growing sustainable community as well.

We have a special goal for the year - to become a business which has fully integrated the ideas of sustainability into all of our processes. That is from manufacture until shipment. This is going to be our priority for the upcoming years.

What is sustainability and sustainable business? 

The concept of sustainability means having as less bad impact on the nature and our planet as possible. 

So sustainable business focuses on processes like manufacturing, packing, shipping and using of the product and tries to make them eco-friendly. The high quality of products allows the consumers to use the product for a long time. 

Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion encourages people to use products such as clothes, shoes and accessories that are eco – friendly and do not leave a negative impact on the nature. 

Does sustainable fashion cost more? It could seem that environmentally friendly fabrics cost more that the regular ones. But if we think about the fact that when we purchase cheap bad quality clothes, we end up throwing them out quicker as well. And then we have to buy new ones quite soon. High quality materials, such as merino wool, can be worn longer and save us money in the long run. The important thing here is to realize how many clothes we actually need.

80 billion clothes are made every year. And only 30% of this amount is sold quickly. The remaining 30% is going on a sale and the rest of them are going to be thrown out and ends up polluting the planet more than we can imagine or realize. The consuming cheap and medium quality clothes have become very popular: we are used to buying new clothes not because we need them, but just because we are bored.

So the clothing industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. For this reason most clothing companies take serious action to ensure sustainable fashion.

Not making more clothes than necessary 

For the nine years that Green Rose is active, we have never made any clothes that would follow fashion trends. Clothes that follow fashion trends obviously go out of fashion quickly and then become unnecessary.

We never make huge amounts of clothes that will possibly stay unsold. Instead, we make only the clothes that are high in demand. Often we make the clothes only after you have already ordered them online.

Think twice before buying 

We highly encourage not making any spontaneous decisions when it comes to buying clothes. For this reason we do not support any international sales (such as Black Friday) because we believe that these kinds of sales encourage people to buy the things they do not need and then they end up being not used at all.

What our small family business can do about it?

This year we are taking even more specific actions when it comes to packaging and manufacturing merino wool clothes. 

Scraps for patches

One of the most important features of sustainable fashion is the opportunity to ensure the long usage of clothes instead of throwing them in trash. 

So this year we would like to encourage you to use our clothes for as long as possible. For this reason we are starting to add scarps for patches in some certain orders. You can find them in the orders including thermal pants or long sleeve shirts – where merino wool fabric is covering knees or elbows. Those are the areas with the highest possibility to be worn out. So hopefully these patches will extend the period you can wear our products. 

Also we encourage the second hand usage of our clothes – that means selling/donating the ones that are too small for your children to use. 

Eco – friendly merino wool fabrics

Recently we have started hearing more and more about our real impact on the planet. Responsible people follow and support eco – friendly and sustainability ideas when it comes to clothing as well. That is the reason why we can witness the rise of demand in natural fabrics – such as wool hemp or organic cotton.

GREEN ROSE merino wool clothes are made of a material which has OEKO-tex 100 certificate. That means that our fabrics do not include any chemicals that would be harmful to humans or the environment. The material is dyed with toxic – free dyes that could cause skin irritation. For this reason, GREEN ROSE merino wool is suitable even for people with skin allergies.

What we like the most about merino wool is that the material is organic. So even if thrown out, the piece of clothing will be biodegradable and will eventually disappear without leaving any trash behind. 

Eco – friendly packaging

As was mentioned before, we believe that the idea of sustainability should not be limited to making the clothes. We are against the usage of plastic so we want to bring the same ideas to packaging as well.

We are now using special compostable bags which are completely biodegradable! These bags are made of sustainable plants, such as corn. You should put these bags with your food scraps and garden waste. In home compost it will be biodegraded in 3-6 months.

These compostable bags have another great feature. They have a possibility to be sealed twice. We seal the bags once and then you can reuse the bag again as it has another sealing. 

Eco – friendly Compostable tape

Do you know that there is even a compostable tape available? We are using this kind of tape. It does not contain any plastic details and dissolves in the nature as well. 

We believe that sustainability is very important when it comes to manufacturing and using the products. So we are proud to be a responsible business: the one that not only produces eco - friendly merino wool clothes, but packages them in an environmentally friendly way as well. You can be sure that the products reach you in the most natural way possible.