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Organic clothing

Organic clothing

Before making a decision to have a baby, every modern parent reads many different literature sources about how to properly take care of a newborn baby, attends many various lessons about feeding, bedding and nursing a baby and tries to find everything out about what is good for a baby. And not only food, toys or the environment where baby grows is important. Your child’s clothes and different accessories like diapers, bathrobes and towels are very important too. And as much natural they are, the only better and healthier for our children is.

Nowadays’ tendency shows, that there are a lot of children who have different kinds of allergies or other problems with skin. Of course, there are various ointments and medicines to lower the irritations but we have to think and about influence that can cause this. If you dress your baby in synthetic clothes, it will not help your baby’s skin, it can only cause many more problems. And the best thing what we, parents, can do, is to make sure that our babies will get and be dressed only in natural and organic clothes. We want to lower the risk of our baby to get irritation, itching or other allergies, and we can do that with a help of organic baby clothes. Our modern society goes forward very fast, and the choice of various eco-friendly clothes is very big. The only thing we have to do is to be interested in that and choose what is better to our little ones.

Organic clothes

There are many different fibers that are very organic and environmental friendly. And the reason for them being ecological is that they are grown without a help of pesticides or other chemicals. And it goes without saying that clothes made of these kinds of fibers are ecological too. They cause no irritation or itching to you or your baby’s skin. All the natural and ecological products are not only good for people, but is also perfect for the environment. Because while wearing organic clothes we help to save our environment and all the natural sources that are so much difficult to restore.

Choosing natural fibers, like bamboo or merino wool is a very good decision because of their unique properties. These fibers have some natural antibacterial properties, they do not keep human body odor and evaporate sweat out of the clothes very quickly and this results in living and sleeping in a healthy environment. You will never get cold or be wet because these fibers tend to regulate person’s body temperature perfectly as well. And it does not matter in what type of weather conditions you will wear them, you will always feel warm in cold winters and cool in hot summer days. Fabrics like merino wool or bamboo can give you only natural softness and warmth every time you wear these organic clothes made of them.

And you ask what about the beauty, colors, trend and fashion? Forget those days, when natural things were not nice and fashionable! Organic clothes industry is growing very rapidly, and we can get many colorful clothes out of natural materials because they have colors too! And children are truly happy wearing organic baby clothes with different ornaments that can be made of organic materials as well.

Eco friendly clothing

To conclude, GREEN ROSE makes organic clothing only of natural and ecological fibers that are totally certified. You can choose various clothes for adults, like thermal wear, nightwear or casual wear and clothing for children. You will find here everything beginning with newborn hats or mittens, ending with towels or bedding for children. And the materials we make our organic clothes are different, like organic cotton, bamboo fiber, merino wool or hemp. You will definitely find what you are looking for. GREEN ROSE understands that naturalness is the most important thing for everyone, and we can make sure that every detail is made only of ecological materials.  And even the smallest detail like yarns, suspenders, buttons or other small accessories are certified. The only thing you need to do is to choose what you need and what you want.