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Merino Wool

Thermal clothing

When cold winter time comes, everyone starts thinking about hot summer days and wants to feel the same warmth and comfort. And it is almost possible if you have something warm to wrap yourself up. The best solution for everyone, from the smallest child to an adult is merino wool thermal clothing.

Thermal underwear made of merino wool is the ideal choice for everyone. With the help of merino wool thermal underwear you will be able to feel warm, comfortable and cozy all the time and in all types of conditions. You can put them under your beloved jeans, pants, blouses or coats and thermal clothing will regulate your body temperature perfectly. Merino wool keeps your warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

Merino wool

Thermal underwear made of merino wool is perfect for women, men, children or newborns, being outside, inside, taking active sport or simply when you are sleeping. Thermal clothing is very unique because they have an ability to warm you even when it is very cold outside. Merino wool is such fiber which reacts to person’s body temperature and helps you to stay warm when you are cold and vice versa. Thermal underwear is worn next to your body as a base layer.

Thermal underwear for women

We have created a wide range of thermal underwear for women. Merino wool is extremely fine, which helps you feel soft and gentle next to your skin. And women love that. Nightclothes made of merino wool are very comfortable, warm and give women a felling of luxury during the night sleep. Also, women can choose thermal t-shirts, thermal pants, leggings.

Mens thermal underwear

We have not forgotten men as well. Usually, men like doing active winter sports like ice-fishing, hunting, skiing and many more. We have created the best thermal underwear for them, like thermal pants or thermal t-shirts. They will suit perfectly for every man! Our merino wool base layer is suitable and loved by army people as well.

Kids thermals

GREEN ROSE understands the importance of family and for this reason, we create thermal clothing for children as well as for adults. Merino wool fiber has a natural ability to breathe and absorb moisture and this is the main reason why merino wool base layer is the most suitable for active kids.

And the last but not least is our smallest and the most precious treasure – newborn babies! Merino wool clothing is highly recommended for newborns because of the qualities that only merino wool has. Merino wool thermal clothing is very soft, warm, they regulate body temperature (which is the most important for babies, who cannot do this by themselves) and perfect for babies who have very sensitive skin, they are perfect even for the premature babies.