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GREEN ROSE clothing

GREEN ROSE clothing

GREEN ROSE is a company which produces and sells organic and natural clothes that are used for everyone: from the smallest baby to a grown up person. You will be able to find here everything you need: from the smallest newborn mittens, to any kind of thermal underwear! Every piece of our organic clothing is made with a huge love, care and attention.
GREEN ROSE was originally created as a family business. When you have children of your own, you start thinking carefully about what and how to dress your child, what materials to choose to fit your baby perfectly. That was the initial idea of creating organic and natural clothes that would be perfect for every newborn or a bigger child. And now, we create many more things than only organic baby clothes.

The whole our production is very natural and organic because we know and understand that nowadays, it is very difficult to find something trustworthy and natural. Our experts choose only natural fabrics, like merino wool or bamboo, which are pleasant to wear and cause no allergies or irritations to your skin. We create clothing that is mostly of natural color, which is a huge advantage. That is why, our production is suitable for children or adults with sensitive or problematic skin.

Every garment is created in Lithuania, choosing every detail and color carefully and prudently. As we live in a country that is surrounded by the Baltic Sea and nature, we love everything that is very natural. And our production is just like that!

GREEN ROSE organic clothing

If you ask, why GREEN ROSE, and what is so special about that, we can explain you! Green rose is a unique and very rare flower. It is a symbol of continual life, life force, energy, spirit, health, joy, and wealth. For this reason, we expect that our GREEN ROSE cute, organic and of high quality clothing will be not only comfortable but also pleasant to wear. We hope that our organic clothing will become a part of your life and style!

To sum everything up, we can say that GREEN ROSE is a brand of high quality and naturalness. We create every piece of clothing with extraordinary love and attention for you to feel total comfort and to create a feeling like you are really wearing the nature next to your skin!