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Bamboo clothes

Bamboo clothes

Perhaps, you have already understood from our company’s name- GREEN ROSE- that we love and are for materials, clothes and other accessories that are very natural and eco-friendly. We are for saving the environment and other natural sources that are very difficult to restore. That is why, one of the many reasons why we choose making our clothes from bamboo fiber, is that this material is environmental-friendly!

Bamboo itself is the fastest growing plant in the world. And one more perfect thing is that it does not require much attention and care. It grows very fast, it does not need much space and any pesticides! It means- bamboo plant is very ecological! Bamboo is very easy to replant and it needs not much watering! And this is perfect, as we see that our society is getting greener and greener every day.

Bamboo clothing

Talking about bamboo as a fiber, it has many advantages that are just perfect in making bamboo clothes and other accessories! First of all, bamboo fiber is very soft, it can even be compared to one of the softest materials in the world- cashmere. So, if you want to know how soft cashmere is, try bamboo clothing, and you will find everything out! And who loves softness the most? That is right- children! You can put any kind of bamboo baby clothes on a newborn or a bigger child, and he will definitely feel the softness and at the same time- comfort. Also, women are huge fans of comfort and softness, so nightdresses or luxury underwear made of bamboo fabric will be perfect for every woman!

One more huge advantage is that bamboo clothing has some antibacterial properties! As the bamboo plant is grown without a help of any pesticides, it causes no irritation to your skin. It means, bamboo clothes are perfect for people with even the most sensitive or allergic skin. Bamboo clothes, as well as bamboo underwear are worn next to person’s skin without any worries. You can wash any bamboo clothing as much as you want, but it will still have an ability to keep the same antimicrobial properties. Furthermore, bamboo fabric does not keep any unpleasant odor for the wearer, which is perfect as well.

What is more, bamboo fiber has some thermo regulating properties, it means that this material has a natural ability to breath. Bamboo clothes are very warm, letting the wearer feel comfortable all the time, in all types of conditions, but at the same, clothes are very breathable. It means that bamboo clothes react to human body temperature and help to control it. While wearing bamboo clothing, you will always feel warm, but never too hot or too cold! Also, bamboo fiber can absorb moisture far better than let’s say cotton can. It can absorb water three times more than it weights itself and four times better than cotton! So, you will never be wet in sweat wearing any kind of bamboo clothing. And if you are never wet in sweat, you will never be cold! And this is the most important thing for everyone.

To conclude, some parents claim, that wearing bamboo clothing for their children, was the only solution for their allergic and sensitive skin. As bamboo fiber not only has antibacterial properties, but also protects their children from UV sun rays. And this is the most important thing for every parent who wants everything the best for their beloved ones! Of course, do not forget yourself, because GREEN ROSE has many things to offer for everyone’s comfort and health!