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Caring for your merino wool clothes

Posted on Mar 4, 2016 | 0 comments

You will find no one who does not like to feel warmth, coziness, comfort and softness. With the help of merino wool clothes you can feel every of these and many more pleasant feelings. That is because our GREEN ROSE clothes are made only of 100% certified and ecological merino wool fiber. Nowadays, merino wool is considered as one of the softest and finest wool in the world and there is no longer the idea that woolen clothes can cause some discomfort or itching while wearing them next to your body. You can perfectly choose any piece of clothing and it does not matter if it is thermal underwear or kids’ thermals because wearing our merino wool clothes next to your body, will give you only warmth and softness. The only thing you have to remember is that you have to care for your merino wool clothes properly.

Washing merino wool

You do not have to be afraid of that word “properly”, there is nothing very difficult or special about that. If you want your clothes to last longer and look the same as new every time you wear them, pay attention and read the care claim labels on your clothes. They are always very informative and easy to understand or follow. Nowadays, as the high quality clothes are quite expensive, most people start taking care for their clothes properly. It means that more and more people try to wash their clothes as it is required, they use appropriate washing liquid or mild soap and do everything with huge love and attention.

To begin with, it is not a big problem to wash our GREEN ROSE clothes made of merino wool. There is nothing very special about this. Because of the qualities that only merino wool fiber has, it is quite easy to take care for your chosen clothes. The most important thing of our merino wool clothes is that there is no big need to wash them very often because the dirt does not soak into these clothes. Sometimes, it is simply enough to ventilate our clothes and various bad smells and human body odor evaporate. So, you have to remember and follow couple of steps, while washing GREEN ROSE clothes, and they will look nice and last long.

First of all, answer yourself a question: what is merino wool? It is very soft, pleasant and valuable wool. Many people value clothes made of merino wool because of the fiber’s qualities, like warmth, softness, thermo regulating qualities and many more. Merino wool fiber is very soft and delicate, so you have to wear merino wool clothes and care for them very carefully, only be careful not to hook your clothes somewhere, because they can easily tear off. One more important thing is how to put merino wool clothes on. You have to put your clothes on in a way not to stretch them too much, because during a time they can stretch and the holes might appear on some places.

While putting into a washing machine and washing your woolen clothes together with some other outfit, look carefully if there are no sharp elements, like zippers, buttons or other sharp things, that could hook and tear off your woolen clothes’ fiber.

One more important thing is the color of your woolen clothes. Although they are manufactured in a way you can wash woolen clothes of different colors together, it is highly recommended to wash dark and or brightly colored clothes separately. We can explain you why. If you want your white or natural merino wool clothes’ color last you longer and be the same white as long as possible, you have to wash bright clothes separately, it is not difficult at all, isn’t it?

What about the washing you ask? You can safely wash merino wool clothes in a washing machine. Many years ago, woolen clothes used to shrink when they were washed in a washing machine, but nowadays technology let us wash woolen clothes in a machine multiple times in a row without damaging your clothes. So, you can safely wash our GREEN ROSE merino wool clothes in a washing machine on a wool setting (usually it is at 40 degrees of Celsius), or if your machine does not have a special wool cycle, you can use a cold water wash or a washing cycle for delicate clothes. Also, you can wash your merino wool clothes by hands, if you prefer. Only you have to remember one thing, that you have to hand wash your clothes in clean, approximately in 30 degrees of Celsius  water, using gentle detergent. While doing hand wash, first of all, leave your clothes to soak in water with mild detergent for a while, and then rinse your clothes gently in order not to tear the fiber off and then wash your clothes in warm water and then do this again but this time- in cold water. One more important suggestion for you is to wash your clothes inside-out because this will protect your garment’s outer surface. Do this every time you either hand wash or wash your woolen clothes in a washing machine.

After washing your clothes, never leave wet garments of different colors next to each other, avoiding the transfer of colors. The best way to dry your woolen clothing is to put it on a neutral or white color towel and leave it to flat dry in the air naturally. Do not dry your woolen clothes on hangers because they can stretch too much and lose their shapes due to the weight of the moisture. One more important thing we recommend you is not to dry your bigger woolen clothes, like sweaters, on a radiator, because the part that dries faster, might lose its natural color.  Also, it is not recommended to tumble dry your merino wool clothes.

Now, let us talk about the detergents for your merino wool clothes. It is recommended to use mild or neutral detergents. Nowadays, the shops are full of many different detergents that are used for only woolen clothes. They even have wool symbols on the packets. These types of detergents have lanolin in them, and lanolin has an ability to restore and renew wool fiber. It is strictly not recommended to use the bleach! Pay attention to that!

If you feel the need of ironing your merino wool clothes, you can do this on the wool setting or just medium-hot. Also, it is better if you iron your merino wool clothes the same as you wash them- inside-out, because of the same reason: to protect them. Iron your clothes laid flat and never leave the iron on your clothes too long. Also, do not use too much pressure while ironing, because your clothes might become shiny in those places, and you do not want that! After ironing, always fold your merino wool clothes and put them flat, never put them on a hanger because they can change their form.

Use these instructions and follow the care claim labels on your clothes and you will use and have enjoy your merino wool clothes’ advantages for a really long time!

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